Tuesday, July 19, 2011

my time with the utzingers

me holding a type of jellyfish with no tenacles and clear and they just washed up on shore and got pics they are so weird.
hannah me and TATUM the cutest little girls ever. this is on the 4of july in our little outfits.
we also went to harry potter 7part 2 in 3d is was so cool. i love it . i enjoyed it really good.
crabing and eating cherrie. the crabing didnt really work cuz they wernt out at this time of day.
well we did more things i just didnt have enough time cuz we r going swimming. and i will tell you later. if you lwould like to know. and im leaving today so sad well bye bye you and bye bye marylad.

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  1. Hi, I miss you. Everyone here said they just love you. They said you are such a great girl, that you were so nice all the time. They also said that you were always pleasant, a good worker, and a good dancer. They all miss you a lot.