Friday, July 29, 2011


so i have been babysitting lately and all of us just have a great time. i love doing everything they want to i just want them to have fun wit. but sometimes it can be a little crazy it can be good to but i just have a blast with all the little kids. well i will post soon thanks.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

my time with the utzingers

me holding a type of jellyfish with no tenacles and clear and they just washed up on shore and got pics they are so weird.
hannah me and TATUM the cutest little girls ever. this is on the 4of july in our little outfits.
we also went to harry potter 7part 2 in 3d is was so cool. i love it . i enjoyed it really good.
crabing and eating cherrie. the crabing didnt really work cuz they wernt out at this time of day.
well we did more things i just didnt have enough time cuz we r going swimming. and i will tell you later. if you lwould like to know. and im leaving today so sad well bye bye you and bye bye marylad.

Thursday, July 14, 2011


k so im in Maryland and it is so fun i dont know how to get pics cuz its not my computer. I was there for 2 days then we went to North Carolina for a week in a beach house on the outer banks. It was so fun i loved it and still am.we went to D.C. yesterday and went to the Natural History Smithsonioan. And thats where the flimed night of the musam the smithsonioan sorry if there are errors. It was so cool i loved it. We are dying browm lowlights in my hair and i got my bangs cut.Tomarrow we are going to wake up at 6 to get ready to go to my aunt L church because the young women are reading the Book of Mormon in two days. We will so half tomarrow and the other half the next day.And all the beehives are staying at my aunt L house and the mimands and lorals are staying at a diffrent leaders house. Fun Fun. the we will have breakfast at the houses the head on to the church. Its going to be so fun well hopefully i get to blogging again . bye bye. and on my moms blog you can look at some of the pics or my aunt L