Monday, June 27, 2011


so i was at my friends house doing a wheel barrel race where you have to balance when walking kind of and i fell backwards. When i fell i hit my head on the ground and my eyes went dailated and my right shoulder jammed in to my ear neck we your glasses lay and hit my glasses to jam into the back of my ear and my parents thought i would get a cuncushion thankfully i didnt but i have a bruise on my shoulder and ear. if i did have a cuncushiojn i wouldnt beable to tryout for dancing but thankfully i didnt so i can tryout .

dance tryouts

so today and tomarrow we have tryouts today we the learn the dance and tomarrow we actually tryout im so excited and nervous. i hope i get on a team wiht some of my friends cuz that always makes it more fun so hopefully i do a good job and wish me good luk as well and j good luck to.

Friday, June 10, 2011


ok so i haven't blogged for like ever to let me update things. Out of dance and school and getting into summer classes for dance so practicly in dance. Going to seventh grade for school. J and i are going to be in the springville parade tomarrow for Art City days for Heart n Soul dance studio. Hopefully i can get into blogging again so please start reading so i can show you what new things come to my happy life. thanka for reading my blog and your hopes and wishes come true.