Friday, May 28, 2010

school and dance are both out .

this year went fast at school and dance. im sad that i won't be able to see friends as much. todaywe clan in the morning s is at a friends house and j and t are outside so somthing and im just on the's wierd that im going to be in 6th grade and it was t's last day of school and park so next year he is going to be in 7th grade which is in jr. high hopefully he will get used to that school with so many teachers.j will be in 3rd grade and s will be in 4th and i will be in 6th and of course t is going to be in 6th going to try out for dance again and i hope i make a higher team then the one i was on.i cant wait to go to seven peaks and hanging out with friends t made acclerated soccer team. j wants to try out for dance again so hope that us girls will make the dance team.

bye bye

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

so today my cousin came over and he asked what i was doing so i told him that i was looking for a new backround so i let him choose the backround and the colors so i guess he likes baseball and all those colors. he even spelled baseball for me. imn glad i let him choose he was happy that he got to choose for me


I for got about my blog for a long time because i had to foucus on thing like dance, school, andsome other stuff.So today since i couldn't play with anyone i asked my mom if i could get on the computer so i rememberd to get on my blog.