Friday, March 19, 2010


so i was going to put a new backround and i pushed the wrong so now my backround is plain old white so if u ask thats why and im so mad because it ded that im only 10 so i really dont dnow how to do it without my mom

Sunday, March 7, 2010


YEAH! today at church t got the priesthood so now he won't go to primary he will go to young mens with all the other men. for his birthday he got a suit and some ties and my dad has a tie that is like t's that he got so they both wore their black suits and orange ties and ithought it was cute. some day he'll be like my dad.

broken pinkie

So on the 2nd S shut the door on my pinkie it turned purpleish blueish it hurt so bad i cried for so long. It is doing better but my mom says my nail will fall of soon and i DO NOT want my nail to fall of. my bro S fractured his elbow on monday night so my mom has to deal with a broken pinkie and a fractured elbow.