Friday, February 19, 2010


yeah my new baby cousin is a boy i cant wait till he's born

Monday, February 15, 2010


So today we are leaving. We've had so much fun on the velcrow wall swimming and watching t play soccer. We are leaving tonight s that is good t has a game today at 2:00 let's hope his team wins then his team goes to finals then he will play another game then i don't know what they do after that.
J and Allie are having so much fun together jumping, playing house, they made up a game called mermaniea, and swimming in the hot tub cause the hot tub ids so big you can swim in it.They are so cute playing.
the boys are having fun on the paddle boats, in the hot tub, and jumping onto the velcrow wall and watvhing movies in the movie room.
and me i do the things the boys do and i play house with J and Allie. on the 13th i did there hair, makeup, and there nails. there nails were red allie's designs we heart star in a pattern, and j were all diffrent kind of things. my dad.

on Valentines all the kids got chocolate and air heads, t got 5 dollers, i got a head band that covers you ears like ear muffs but its a head band, s got sun glasses for his build a bear and j got 2 Fancey Nancey books. my mom got a pack of mint oreos and a chocolate bar, and my dad go t some queen anne chocolate coverd cherries and something i for got we have had fun

Sunday, February 14, 2010

happy valentines

go go

so t won his 2nd game so there team is going into the semi finals so tomarrow his game at 2:00 so we hope they win this game an then they will go into the finals . t has been a really good player . his team does really good to. someone on t's team broke his arm in 2 places so he can't play of course but he is going to watch and cheer for his team so hope he feels better soon so he can play in finals. i hope t's team win cause they are really good and it would be cool if they went into finals 1143NEW.jpg

Saturday, February 13, 2010

i finally get to post because in the house were staying at had a computer so every day after lunch i write about my day. yea for me!

soccer time

So today at like 6:45 my parents woke me up to go to t's soccer game when i woke up i did not want to go. But as the game started i thought in my head this was worth coming because they were doing a very good was so cold. in the end the 2 teams tied.It was a good game but it was also cold. during the game the other team would push and shove every one on t's team. and there players were like 14years old it was not fair i think that, and they were so tall and they were saying that they were11years old like t's team . now we have to go to another game at 5:30 and we have to be there at 4:15. so we will see if they the win this next game and if they do there going in to semi finals. yea t's team SoccerBall.jpg

Friday, February 12, 2010

So I Married a Mexican: love is...

that is so cute .

Are we there yet

Are we there yet? YES. i've been waiting.
this morning at like 8:20 my dad woke me up to get ready to got to St. George. so i got up got all my things packed. we put the stuff in the car and we zoomed off to St. George. for breakfast we went to Mc Donalds for breakfast. and then we zoomed off tho St. took for ever. but finally we got there. when we got there we looked at the house we were staying at.after t and i rode on one of the paddle boat, and j and s went on the other one. next i got in my bathing suit and played some volly ball, that was fun.then i got backin t my clothes. and watched a movie Meet Dave. it was funny and now i'm just waiting for dinner, to get in the hot tub, and have a good nights rest.And that was the 1st day in St.George.

when saying a comment or what ever you want to call it write how many times you saw St. George even in this paragraph.